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Gallery 1 House & Pool

  Grounds & Pool

See The River House in Winter

Aerial Photos of the River House

Gallery 3-Winter

Several people who have stayed in The River House over the years have requested to view the initial photos in 2004 before the renovations  - be prepared!   

                 House from Drive                                            Gated Entrance                                              Kitchen                                                 Kitchen                                              

                Master Bedroom (1)                                Master Bedroom (1)                                  Master Bedroom  (1)                            Downstairs Bedroom (3)

                Bedroom with Balcony                        Bedroom with Balcony                                    Bedroom with Balcony                   Upstairs Bathroom

               Lounge                                                           Lounge                                                               Lounge                                                           Hall

                 “Open” Room                                        “Open” Room                                               “Open” Room                                      Downstairs Bathroom

                                Large Terrace                                     Drinks on Terrace                                                                      Purgula for Breakfast?

                                Large 12m Pool                                                                                                                     PoolHouse with 2 single Beds and Small Bathroom

                                Large 12m Pool                               Play Area by River                                    Storm Coming!                               100m Driveway to house                                  

           Kakak for use by guests                                 Outside Table Tennis (& football)                         Skiing in Winter                  Horse Riding (experience & beginner)

               Outside the Sports Bar                                        Fazio’s Bar                                              Fazio’s Bar

      River walk  in Serramonacesca                      Mountains 20 min from House                          Skiing Area (in Summer)

         White Water Rafting & Canoeing